Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here is my Crafting area; what a mess

Okay I thought I would finally share my Crafting area, not organized at all.  I am still trying to find a better way to organize my stuff so I can find it,  With 10years of collecting and using my stuff I have a lot and believe me everything you see here is stuffed as full as I can get it. lol!!
Okay here it goes......

Here is my craft table area.
I have most of my Spellbinders hanging on the back of the shelf on Metal shower curtain hooks and some are still in the packaging.

 If  you notice something is missing..... my copics,, they usually set on my desk but at the time I took the pictures they were in the living room where I was watching TV with the kids and coloring.

I have to share my area..lol.. with the kitchen and my Utility room.  With 3 kids there is no extra room for Mommy. But this corner of the Kitchen is mine if I could just keep Jazmine my 7 yr old out if it.

These are HUGE chrome racks/shelves like the ones you see in big restaurant kitchens.  I had my husband help me move some of the shelves on the right one and had him cut me a piece of plywood and blot it on with carriage blots for my desk top.  I added 6 Craft Space cubes for Michael's under my desk for added storage.
I also have the tool carousel that goes with it.  Love that thing and I have it packed full of stuff.  Way too much stuff I must add.
The white armourer also has all my stuff in it.  I houses a lot of my 8x8, 6x6 and 4x6 papers and paper stacks in it.  The bottom drawer has a lot of my spools of ribbon in it.

I have a huge kitchen table leaf that I can add when I need to for dinners, but with a 17 yr old daughter she is hardly ever home for Dinner.. so it is usually just 4 of us that eat dinner at home.

I wonder what is under that huge curtain??????

A HUGE MESS!!! And everything is full of all kinds of stuff.

On the side of my shelves I have this clear file looking things that I had attached with plastic zip ties.. there are 8 of them and they hold all kinds of my stuff.  A lot of the stuff I wanted to keep to where I can see it so I will remember to use them.

This is my Utility Room looking into it from my kitchen. Where even more of my stuff is stored. I have 4 cabinets over my washer and dryer and I have taken all of them over but just one shelf over my washer to hold all my laundry cleaning stuff and iron.

Here are 12 more of those Craft Space Cubes like the ones I have under my desk.. 

My Bakers Rack holds more of my 12X12 paper and punches and other things.

This shelf holds all my 8.5 x 11 CS and some of my paper scraps.

This cabinet holds more of my stuff and on top I have some of my Sizzix dies and the rest are in the opposite cabinets and on top on the to other wall.

Here is my last picture I have to share with you.  I used a over the door shoe holder to hold most of my punches or at least what will fit anyway. 

Okay now you have seen my messy space, but at least I so have a space even if I have to share it and can't call it mine alone.
Have a great night or day depending on where you are.



Chrissy said...

WOWSER!!! Angela...you have some stuff girl....Oh! Thats it, you need a bigger house..time to move. Beg, borrow, or steal a craft room all to yourself...put the car on the road and take over the garage..OR..better yet, I have plenty of room, you could give it to me...lol..lol


Creations by Shirl said...

You are very organized Angela~
I like how your room is set up!

Berry said...

Angela I love all your storage so fab! Its hard sharing space isn't it but you seem to have it all well placed and love your nesties storage! HUgs Rebekah xx

KarinsArtScrap said...

you have a great and big craft room angela.
it's looking beautiful.

greetings karin

Rosa Witten said...

I love it! It's really neat to see other people's craft spaces. I also use those metal racks to hold some of my craft stuff. :)

Karina said...

I love to see how others crafting spaces are looking. Yours looks quite organized which I guess isn't easy when you have to share and havent some space for your own. The punch storing is a great idea!! Have to look out for such a shoe holder as well.
Hugs to you,

Scrapping Julie said...

holy crap balls angela!!!

Dana said...

I love the way you've utilized your space especially your work desk! I bet you have a hard time keeping you're 7 yr old out of it!! Must be a budding artist : )

Martina said...

You call this a mess?? You have not been in my house girl!!!! I have no craft room and our dinding room always looks like a bomb has donated...sometimes I even do not find eneough space for my colouring on the desk...then I know I have to clean ;) But it is also not fun to have not a real space for all my things to put to...:(

Angela B. said...

You are brave girl! ;) I craft in a tiny space myself and haven't had the guts to share pics. I would love to dig through your crafty boxes looks like you have lots of stuff to play with! :D Happy Crafting!

Myrna Marcano said...

Very organized !!


Hi Angela,
Stopped in today, found you on Saturated Canary and couldn't resist! I have a tiny space as well, and my craft corner IS the kitchen (well mostly) lol There is not table even! I'm so glad you shared today, feels like I'm not alone! Not all of us have huge homes with 400 sq ft craft ONLY rooms with gorgeous islands to stand at and full walls of picture windows to look out! huh? Well I say Yeah! Glad to see you too find the way to share such lovely talents, even in a SMALL space! You GO Girl!
Tammy Louise