Thursday, July 12, 2012

Copic Marker Europe and Saturated Canary

Here is the second image I created to celebrate with Copic Marker Europe's 1st birthday.
I used this sweet image by Krista Smith at Saturated Canary
This image reminds me of me as I take my markers everywhere with me, even to work so I can color on my breaks.

Here is the card I created with it.

I am sorry I have still not made my rounds.  This week has been terrible, with me having massive headaches this week and then my youngest has swimmers ear.  She has been crying with it off and on for the past 2 days and today was the worst. I took her to the dr. today to get ear drops to help with the infection and pain.  She has finally falling asleep. Last night was rough as she didn't sleep hardly any.  Her ear hurt her too bad to get comfortable enough to fall asleep.
Well I am off as I have to get ready for bed.  I have to work in the morning.

I don't know if any of you have read the 3 Fifty Shades of Grey books, but I just finished them, all 3 of them.  I started them last Wednesday and finished the 3rd one on Sunday.  Once I started them I couldn't put them down. I have to admit they are some of my favorite books and the best ones I have read in awhile. Maybe not for everyone as they are erotic romance books. If anyone has read them, what did you think of them? Just curious what everyone else thinks about them.

I just started reading the first of 3 of The Hunger Games today while we were waiting in the doctor's office. It's going to take me a lot longer to read these as I just have so much going on and can't find enough time to comment to reading them right now.
Have a wonderful night/day.



Tina Mayo said...

I love her!! she is adorable..I take mine with me all the time too..oh and my collection has grown alot from the last time I saw you.
50 shades I loved them too...and whats crazy I started Hunger Games to ..just barely into it tho..But missed my Christian and Ana when it was over..I am ready for the set of his point of view to come out..who do you picture as Christian?? I picture the main guy in person of interest that show..I forgot his name ..anywho good to catch up~~ miss going to scrap and color with ya!

Maria Therese said...

Gooorgeoous card!!

KarinsArtScrap said...

gorgeous card angela, colorful image.

greetings karin

Lisa Lynn said...

Your coloring is gorgeous as usual. Hope your daughter feels better soon.

LilyPinkScraps said...

Gorgeous!!! Just love your colouring - simply wonderful :)

Gerrittina said...

What a great card!

Alyssa S said...

Beautiful coloring, as always! You have true talent!

Loved the 50 Shades trilogy as well as the Hunger Games trilogy! I'm hoping that more 50 books come out!

Rebekah said...

This is fab Angela love the colours you have used! I have read the 50 shades and still have the hunger games sealed and unread! i bought HG first but then had to get 50 shades as everyone was chatting about them! Hugs rebekah xx

Christina C. said...

I love this image and you did a superb job coloring and showcasing her!!!! Your work is always creative and brilliant! Love visiting your amazing blog!

Keren Mostov said...

wow! lovely card, I just adore your vibrant colouring.



Hi angela, i love this card and i love the stamp too, could you please tell me where i can purchase this stamp from.

cheers Tracey

Anonymous said...

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Gail said...

I adore this card and your colorin gis truly fabulous. Your shading is exquisite and I'm going to try it like you do. ;)

I haven't read the "Grey" books, but read the Hunger Game books and they are superb. Hope you enjoy them.


Kamao Poot said...

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