Sunday, May 13, 2012

Destiny's Prom Pic's from her phone and the new room so far

Here are some pic's of Destiny's Senior Prom.  These are from her phone as I can't seem to get the ones from her awesome camera to load onto my computer.  I will share more when I can get them to load to my computer. I took a ton of pic's of her and her date and some of her friends that came by the house.
We wanted to go and take some pic's at some of the old building and at a bed and breakfast but the rain made that impossible. This whole week has been a cloudy, rainy and cool one.
 This is my BEAUTIFUL Daughter in her gorgeous dark teal prom dress.  And yes she went back to her natural blonde hair. I really liked the dark brown but I LOVE her natural blonde hair.

  Pic's from Prom of her and her best friend Heather, who she spends most of her time with.

The girls acting silly.

Her and her other great friend Sam.  I love these girls they always make me laugh and their personalities are just alike. I'm not gonna lie, I cried and I cried a lot.

Ok, here are the newest pic's of our new room.

My French Doors and widows are in and the foam board up on the outside and ready for Vinyl Siding.  We wanted brick, but there is noway to match the brick on the house as we will have to go with vinyl siding.

The inside of the room so far.

We still have a ton to do, but it is almost ready for wiring and drywall on the inside and the removal of that terrible outside light fixture.

These are the closet doors that still next another of paint after the closet gets built and hung.

Sorry I have not been around in forever, but I can't find time for anything craft related. This weekend has been the busiest I have had in a long time,with Destiny's Prom on Saturday and then today I made dinner for my Mom for Mother's Day.  So needless to say my house has been full of all kinds of people all weekend long.
Gotta run and get in the shower so I can get my tired butt in bed and try to get some sleep before work tomorrow.



gobeagirl said...

Ahhhh my sweet friend. I hope you had a great Mother's Day as well. I just love seeing all the picks of your new room in your house. You guys must work day and night as it seems that you are just moving along with it so fast. I am excited to see it once you have it all done. Destiny looks beautiful as always. It looks like she had a great time at the prom. How fun! Time really does fly and I remember when you were showing pictures of her getting her car. I hope that you are feeling good with the baby on the way. Don't get yourself too warn out. :O) Yes, I am a Mother worrier to all my friends and even though we don't live close I still consider you in the group . Have a great week and I will talk to you soon. As you can tell I have been a bad blogger lately as well. I really hadn't been in the mood to create, but this weekend I sure did get alot done even though Maddie is having her first dose of what being a teenage girl really means and 'omg' my poor girl has NO Pain tollerance at all, so it's been in bed with a heating pad and ibuprofen all weekend long. I feel sorry for her, but she is going to have to learn to deal with it. Ok, I will quite prattling on. Take care. Hugs, Lisa

Becky Dunham said...

Great pics Angela! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous :) LOVE that dress! My daughter would have loved that dress. I have not had a minute to post any pictures.

Janine said...

beautiful daughter

Andrea C said...

Your daughter and her friends are gorgeous as is their dresses. Your new room looks as if it will be brill x

KarinsArtScrap said...

wow gorgeous daughter and she looks so beautiful in her dress.

the room looks fantastic angela.

greetings karin

gina g said...

Hi Angela hope you are ok hun.

You daughter is absolutely beautiful just like her mum and Destiny's dress look gorgeous.

Do you ever get any rest? well i guess with three children at home the answer to that is no lol, mine are all grown up with their own children who we have stay over every other weekend plus they all come to dinner on Sundays. Anyway the building work looks great i bet you'll be glad when its finished.

Anyway take care now. luv gina xx

Lau W said...

Destiny is beautiful, she's so pretty in blonde ! And her dress, wow, a beauty ! Superb shots !
Love the room, a nice view on the garden !

Shazza said...

wow she looks stunning, what a gorgeous girl and my fave colour of dress. New room looking good too x

June Nelson said...

Oh Angela she is so beautiful youmust be so preoud of her, I like her hir both ways, the room is gonna be fabby cant wait to see it finished hun huggies June xxx

Rebekah said...

Wow Angela Destiny looks stunning! What a beautiful dress such a striking colour and she does look fabulous blonde! The room looks amazing too what a difference it will make just amazing!
Hugs rebekah xx

Craftdee said...

I remember my kids "Senior Prom" (we don't call it that here ☺)... for some reason as soon as you see them all dressed up and adult looking, you remember them as toddlers and realise the time has gone so QUICK.. I (like you) cried - A LOT! Destiny looks lovely, hope she had a great time making memories. Your room (well, Destiny's room for the time being, lol) looks fabulous and - not kicking her out or anything ☺ - will be a fantastic craft room one day. Hope you had a great Mother's Day, it was Mother's Day here in Australia too, and I sure did - but I (unlike you!) had a lazy one.Donna ♥

Lau W said...

Hello ! It's me again !
I got your message Angela. My first email did not arrive with you, snifff. I am sending you a second now.
Can you tell me when you will have it please ?
I'm so happy to have win !

Lau W said...

lol ! me again and again :
my e-mail is

Tina Mayo said...

Angela ...she is sooooo beautiful..tell her I said so..maybe she will remember me..I hope you had a good Mothers Day too!

Danielle Bailey said...

I just noticed they weren’t wearing any shoes on their Prom night. Hm, these girls have probably danced a lot before taking those camera shots! Anyway, I can see that you still managed to use bricks inside your new house, instead of using them outside. I must say you did it well, and you made a good decision installing vinyl sidings considering its benefits – affordability, appeal, low maintenance, durability and most specially, insect resistance. :D