Friday, January 27, 2012

Victorian Steampunk and a Update on Jazmine

Hi everyone.  I am getting ready to head to bed as I have had a very long day.  I met with Jazmine's teacher's today.  Her classroom teacher, her extra reading teacher, her two teacher's that are testing her for learning difficulties and the psychological at school.  She is still having a hard time with her school work and remembering what she is learning.  She also can't keep still at school either.  She is not a problem child at school she just has way to much energy to keep still.
Her classroom teacher really wants to hold her back and let her do 2nd grade over again, but her father and I are not for it at all.  She is not getting any tutoring at school, which even still today they did not offer.  It kind of bothers me that they haven't knowing they have the resources to do so, hello it it a school and they tutor kids all the time.  At this point I am about to hire one myself to help her.  It is so hard to work a FULL time job and teach her everything she is being taught at school. It really bothers me that I have told them that I know she has ADHD and until they write up a list of everything they have tested her on and her progress I can't let her Dr. know how she is doing in school and what she is being tested on.  Until then we can't even try meds. because he wants to make sure she gets the right meds. for her.  Here it is the end of January and this has been going on since October.  They started testing her for Learning disabilities in November and she has made very little progress.
Until today as I was talking to the 2 teachers who are testing her for her difficulties about her brother having ADD and ADD and ADHD running in both sides of our family..did they think that may be a big factor in her not making much progress. Which brother's me even more as I have told her teachers that I think she has ADHD.  From the time she gets up in the morning till she finally goes to sleep.. NO LIE.. she is like popping popcorn on a stove with not lid on it and popcorn popping everywhere. She has that much energy.  She is always bouncing off walls and if she could she would climb the ceilings.. only if she could, which isn't possible.
How can one teacher not think that if a child has no self control over her physical movements that her brain is not doing the same thing.  There is no way in the world that a child with that much energy is calm in her brain and listening and learning to what is being taught and said.
Jazmine was walking at 10 months and talking in complete sentences at only a year old.  Yes, I am honest.  She has always learned things so much earlier than most kids, but now that she is in school it is a totally different story.  We started seeing signs of ADHD around the age of 1, with all her energy.  But we just chalked it up to being a baby and full of energy, but as she gets older it has only gotten worse.  She also has a terrible temper.. yes a bad one and she is 7 and knows better. I just hope whatever happens that we all do what is best for her and try our hardest to keep her on track and do whatever we need to do to help her progress in learning.
I tried to explain to her classroom teacher today that if in FACT she has ADHD that holding her back and making her repeat 2nd grade is not going to make her improve as it is a chemical imbalance
Ok enough about today's adventure, but I will try to keep all of you posted that has asked about her and her progress. And I am sorry that I am just letting you know something, but until today I had no information to give to you.

Here is a card that I made a few weeks ago and have had the image saved as a draft to share with you.  I do still have more to share with you from this same crafty weekend when I created this one.
I used a Simply Betty image that was only available in digi form for a very short time.  I think you many be able to get this one and some of the others in rubber only now.

I LOVE this image and I think it is perfect for a manly card.

Okay it's after 12:30am and I have to get up a 5am to get ready for work, so I am off to get some sleep.
Thanks so much for stopping by and if you have nay information you would like to share on ADD/ADHD or anything you have tried that has helped your kids or kids you know I am ALL ears or should I say eyes. lol



Rosa Witten said...

Beautiful Angela! So sorry to hear about your difficulties with Jazmine's school. I totally agree that holding her back will not make a difference and really they have been testing her and still not tutoring? What are they waiting for? Good luck with that and I hope she gets the help she needs. :)

KarinsArtScrap said...

Hi angela sorry to hear over the difficult times with jazmine.
hope you are doing well.
hope someday it gets better.

your card is outstanding great men card, and beautiful papers.

greetings karin

Alessandra said...

wonderful creation, Angela, love the crackle accents and the image.
Aw, that's bad what's going on with Jazmine, also for herself. It's absorbing loads of energy and I really hope you soon will find out what's the real problem and what you can do to solve it. Maybe she would learn better in another school. What about Waldorf school/Steiner School? I know many people who went there and they all say that it was such a good time they had with not that pressure of a "normal" school.
Hugs, Alessandra

Hanneke said...

Hi Angela, I am so sorry to hear of your daughter's troubles at school. It is great that you are doing everything you can to help her, and indeed, if she has ADHD I don't think holding her back a class will work. You don't just grow out of ADHD I think and she will probably just get bored doing the same class again which will only make her attention span shorter. I hope the school will work with you and that you will find some way to help Jazmine.

Your card is lovely, great steampunk style and Love the clocks! Hugs and good luck with everything! Hanneke

Rebekah said...

HI Angela! Firstly your card is stunning the image is so charming and fabulous for a male card I love it!
Secondly gggrrrrr to schools and teachers! I know some parents can be constantly on at schools for no reason (we have a few of those here) but teachers should know that parents understand their children the best and only want what is best for them! We have spent over 4 years telling Amelia's teachers she is falling behind in maths just to be given the brush off. Now she is months away from SATS exams and high school and they suddenly agree with us! I am now paying £300-£400 to have an extra maths tutor at home to get her up to grade because the school doesn't do their job properly!
I also find I have to do a lot of extra school work with my 3 at home. I only work part time but having 3 children of differing ages and therefore differing levels of schooling is hard! I know my mum didn't have to teach me when I went to school as the school did that job!
As you already have ADD and ADHD in the family you clearly know what to look for and I certainly DO NOT think holding her back a year will help her AT ALL! She clearly has the ability and then some it's just the chemical inbalance that stops her from learning to her ability!
My Nephews are ADHD and autistic and my sister had to fight to get her youngest in a special school and to get her eldest on meds.
I really do feel for you and hope that someone starts listening to you but you must keep fighting for her because you know whats best for her!
Big hugs Rebekah xx

Roma said...

Hi Angela

Like the the rest of your comments i too disagree with holding your daughter back a year,some schools just dont get it and thats obviously one of them ,they are ok when they are bothered about getting there good grades for there schools but see when your child is having difficulties especially with the lack of teaching some teachers do actually give they just cannot be bothered they go about with blinkers on ,all i can say is you know your own daughter ,you know what she needs ,you just have to keep at them till you get what you deserve as your child is entitled to an education .

Your card is lovely and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and i will pass your message on to my daughter about her artwork .

take care
Roma x

Lisa Lynn said...

Angela, Your card is GORGEOUS! Sorry to hear of the difficulties with Jazmine. I know how difficult it is to balance work and home, and my thoughts and prayers go out to you. I also know that is why it is so important to have some time for cards to unwind so that you don't come apart yourself. Best wishes.

June Nelson said...

Sorry about the difficulties at your daughter school darlin I had the same with my son and was nearly frantic, everything will sort itself yout in time. The card is amazing, the colouring is amazing its stunning xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oooh wooow what a fantastic malecard this is, so awesome coloring and details, I LOVE IT!!! Thanx for your lovely visit and wonderful words :))
It means so much and I feel honored actually, because I admire you so much as an artist!

Sorry to hear about the problems you are experience in school, it shouldn't be like that!!! You have enough as it is, it takes alot of energi dealing with ADHD. My son who is 9 have had the diagnose since he was 7 years old, he is two different children with/without medicin. He have a medicin called Concerta and it works so well.
For a while I tried to have him off medicin on the days he was off school but we couldn't almost contact him...and he didn't krack the reading-code until he got the medicin. After one week on concerta he started reading, because he had gotten peace in his brain to consentrate :)

I really hope for you and daughter that you find the right kind of help, it have so much to say for their development.

Have a nice weekend :)
Hugs Lilli xx
(sorry if my english sucks, hard to write english in details :-P )

Christina C. said...

Angela, this is my first time on your blog and I became a follower. Your work is it all!!!!!

jeanny from denmark said...

I have ADHD and my daughter might have it too.My daughter was so sad and stressed in school...I put her in a waldof school/steiner school and what a differens..she is happy now and likes to go to school.there is no pressure to learn but all in the childrens own speed..try and look into waldof school and see if it can help europe we can get something called eyeq wich has all the fat that our brain especially good for ADHD patients and try to cut back on sugar and white breed..i wish the best for you and your family

Kylie said...

Your cards are stunning as usual hun.
Sorry you're having so much trouble with Jazmine's school. Are you able to have her diagnosed by your family doctor and then able to get a teacher's aide at school? These other schools the girls have mentioned above sound good too. What a struggle to get our children help when they need it. Keep strong Ang and fight for what you know is right!
Hugs to you, oxox

Betty Boo! said...

Gorgeous card Angela! He looks amazing! So sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with the School. It seems so unfair to me that they would take your precious time, to just not help you. I hope things look up for you.