Saturday, November 5, 2011

Look what happened yesterday

Hi everyone.  I am sorry for being so MIA this week.  Between Dr. appointments, homework  and everything else, I haven't had any extra time.

Then yesterday morning I got a call from my husband and daughter. Destiny has a wreck on the way to school. The roads were wet and she tried to slow down and then slam on her brakes and her tires would not grip the road and she slid into the back of a Toyota truck waiting for the traffic to clear so her could turn left into his driveway.  He had a huge hitch attached to his bumper and that was what did all the damage to her car.
She had her seatbelt on and her airbag did not deploy. She was going 50 miles an hour when she first started slow down as she had enough time to stop the card but with the slick roads from the rain and her tires not in the best shape, it just would not stop.  Her head slammed into the top of the windshield and she was having bad head and neck pains, so she was taking to the hospital in the Ambulance.  My husband got there as they where getting her on the stretcher.  My husband cried so much yesterday and had me freaked out before I could get to her at the hospital.
She was still in a lot of pain when she arrived at the hospital, and I was there waiting for her.
They ran X-rays  and performed a CT scan on her.  We are so lucky that she is okay and only had a few small bruises on her.

Here is a picture of her car.

It is Totaled as it would cost way too much to fix it than what it is worth. She is so upset as this has taken her freedom away and she now has to wait on someone to take her somewhere. 
But like I told her the most important thing is that she is okay and the car can be replaced. 
But just not as fast as she would like it to be.

I am going to try to get around this weekend and visit all of your blogs, well I hope to anyway.  I am running off her now as the kids are ready for me to cook breakfast for them.
Have a great weekend.


Denise and Louise said...

OMG - so glad she is ok. Sending her and the rest of you BIG hugs xoxo
Denise xx

Shannin said...

oh Angela. I am so sorry to hear that she was in a accident but it is good to know that she is ok. I hope you have a better weekend.


Gerrittina said...

Wauw, I'm glad she is OK. You are so right, a car is replacable. Your daughter isn't.

Sue said...

Hope everyone is on the mend . So sorry about the car but So much more
important that she is ok xx

Teresa said...

Hi Angela,
I am sorry about the accident - but so pleased your daughter is Ok. Hugs, Teresa x

Love crafts forever said...

Oh Angela so sorry what happened, but i am glad she is OK. I feel your sadness, and i just can't stop cry. It's always so touchy if it's comes to Kids. Give her a BIG ((((HUG)))).
Hugs Nataliya

KarinsArtScrap said...

wow angela i'm glad she is alwright.
hope you are doing well.

greetings karin

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
what a chock hunni
i'm glad she ok
boy that car is a wreck
take good care sweetie
hugs angelique

Kate said...

Oh my. Poor thing.
I'm so glad that she is okay though. Tell her to take it easy next couple of days.


THERESA said...

Oh my word, that was hard, so sorry that happened, just glad she is ok,that is the most important of all, rest can come with time.
lotsa luv

Sandy G said...

OMG I am glad she is OK what a blessing. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

Rebekah said...

Oh my Angela what a run of it your family are having at the mo. Poor Destiy I so hope she is ok and well on the road to recovery! Hugs and prayers Rebekah xx

gina g said...

Oh my goodness Angela i so glad that your daughter is ok bless her! it must have been a terrible shock for you all. I hope the Drs appointments went ok hun. luv gina xx

June Nelson said...

Hi Angela im so pleased she is alright!! we had the same happen to us in july front end smash it was horrrible so I know how she feels, and its awful not having wheels, but it will get sorted darl, bless you all xxx

Kylie said...

Oh my goodness Ang! So glad that Destiny is ok. It must have been so scary for you all. At least now you can laugh about it and have Destiny complaining in your ear that she needs a new car like 'yesterday'!!! lol.

Hugs to all xo

Scrapping Julie said...

first of all thank goodness she is okay. that is sooo scary for a parent. second holy cow. cant believe the damage!

craftymum said...

Hi Angela
I hope destiny is ok. It is so frightening to hear that your child has been in an accident

take care
hugs sarah x

Lisa Lynn said...

So sorry that the accident happened. My daughter had a small one just two weeks ago and I know what you mean that the first priority is that they are SAFE! Then you are left dealing with all the mess besides the normal activities of daily living. Hang in there!

Craftdee said...

Glad your daughter is okay, and one thing good about it is that it will add to her sense of the road and driving conditions; rather she learns in a small crash than a big one! It is a pity that she has to lose her independence though, as no doubt it will come back to "Mum"