Sunday, June 12, 2011

Before and After ( My Sweet Beautiful Girl)

Okay as I promised in my Kenny K Krafty Girlz Challenge post, if you read it.  That I was going to post pic's of my oldest Daughter Destiny's dyed brown hair.  But first I will show you the before then the after.


So What do you think?? She's not for sure which she likes best.  She had low lights under her hair before that were black, but over time they lighted up and turned brown, but her hair is natural blonde and it gets so light in the summer.
My Mom said she looks more like me now with dark brown hair.
So which color do you think looks better?

Have a great week.


Chrissy said...

Well my son, who is standing behind me, nearly shoved me off the chair so he could see better, so I guess he likes love it dark...[but dare I say it] makes her look younger..a bit, my son, he just says she's hot, and he is far to old for her, and now he is back in his

Patty Sue 2 said...

She is so pretty it really doesn't matter...I like the blond...but she will look pretty no matter what!

Rosa Witten said...

She is beautiful either way but the dark hair really make her eyes pop. and I agree that she does look more like you with the dark hair.

Sylvia said...

I think it doesn't matter what color her hair is.. she's absolutely beautiful (like her mom!) :)
But if I had to decide (ha.. I'm glad I don't have to ;-)))) ) I would say the dark is a teeny tiny bit prettier (but I think that's a very personal decision..and as said before, she looks beautiful with either dark or light hair!!!)
{hugs} Sylvia

KarinsArtScrap said...

my husband and I love both of these colors.
she is already a pretty girl.
but the darker color is a little bit better.

greetings karin

Karina said...

Hi Angela, your sweet daughter is such a beautiful girl no matter what hair colour she wears. But if I had to decide I prefer the darker hair a bit more. Like someone already said, her eyes look even more beautiful with the dark hair.
Hugs to you,

Geneviève aka Muscade said...

Seriously, she is beautiful no matter what colour she has. But, I think the darker hair gives her a look a little more punchy...


Caroline said...

I like the brown the best it looks so soft and silky although the blond is also nice.
Caroline x

craftymum said...

I like both but I think the dark brown just tips it. She is gorgeous whatever the colour.
hugs sarah x

Sassylassy said...

I am totally indecisive! She is an absolute knock out and both suite her. I love the blond hair with the darker color underneath I think it makes her look sassy. The brown hair is also beautiful and brings out her facial features and also gives her a sophisticated look.
Hugs Bonnie

Kimberly said...

Hey, the darker for sure it makes her eyes pop...but on the other hand her upkeep will be a killer if she has naturally light fads so fast...TFS!
She's a gorgeous girl...

Scrapping Julie said...

holy moly.. that girl is a beaut!!
ya know.. i totally LOVE the dark. she looks fresh and fun and just lovely!!!!

Lillian Child said...

She would be beautiful even with lime green hair! I actually like her hair in the lighter tones, but again, she can pull off any color with that face! So lovely!

sweetpeastamps said...

Angela, your daughters hair is so pretty. I like it better this color. My daughter too dies her hair brunette, I like hers better brunette as well, now she wants to go darker yet.