Monday, March 14, 2011

TSP Stamp Storage Ideas

Here is how I store all my raw rubber stamps.  Its cheap, at only $5 a bottle and a bottle goes a long way.
Aleene's Tack It Over & Over  Temporary and repositionable Glue
I buy ScrapOnizer containers with folder to house my stamps after the glue has dried.  The glue dries and just becomes sticky and will adhere to your clear blocks and remove to store back onto and in your stamp containers.
I cut my folders in half to get the most out of them.  You can also adhere your stamps to the bottom of the container pictured below.
Here is a pic of the stamps after the glue has dried and I have adhered them of the bottom of the  plastic container.  When the glue dries it will turn clear and shiny.

I have alot of raw rubber stamps and mounted foam is just way to expensive for me to have to buy all the time. I used a piece of foam(like Kids fun foam that you can find in any craft department in the store) to
lay my stamping CS on before I stamp my image( it help to give some give and make your image stamp evenly) 
Here is a pic of just some of my rubber stamps.  I also use these containers for my foam mounted stamps too.  I just use a Sharpie to write the company name of the stamps on the spine of the containers.


angelwhispers said...

A great idea thanks for sharing as it does get really expensive with the easymount!!!! Chanelle xxx

gobeagirl said...

Hi Angela. Where do you buy your Scraporganizers from? I saw you post the first time and I bought some and ended up with just the sheets. lol...If you buy them online could you send me the link? Thanks in advance. Hugs, Lisa

Jessie Lubyk said...

This is one area I have been struggling with. Thanks so much for the wonderful tip :)

Lau W said...

Excellent idea, it's magical ! :-)