Saturday, December 25, 2010

One Excited Teenage Girl and More!!!!

Look what my Daughter Destiny got from her Dad for Christmas!!! A 2002 Toyota Corolla. She was beyond excited. Her Dad lives in Kentucky about 2.5 hrs away from me so she followed him half way home and I meet her where we usually meet and she followed me the rest of the way home to my parents house for Christmas dinner. I was not ready for her to drive that far with no one watching out for her.. she may be almost 17 but she's still my baby girl. And the bad thing is, is that it started snowing here Christmas Eve, but luckly it only stuck to the ground and not the road!! Well that was until tonight and the temp is 29 degrees so now it is sticking to the roads and we have had alot of wrecks here in the Middle Tennesse area caused by black ice.

Here she is with her new car!!

These are not the best pic's of her as they make her look heavier than she really is. I will try to get some better pics of her later.

Here is my son Bailey after we got home from my parents house so we could have our Christmas with all the kids together.
Oh and there's my husband Bill sitting in his chair.

And here's little Jazmine, who is crazy about Justin Bieber. And she dressed herself and fixed her own hair too.

Here are some fast tags I made to go on some presents. I had about 15 minutes to make something fast so I pulled out some of my Sweet Pea Stamps that I didn't have to color.

And here I am!! I hope everyone had a happy and blessed Christmas with family and friends and I hope the New Year will bring you more happiness than this year did.

Oh did I ever tell you I hate having my pic taken and as my daughter always tells me that my pic's look nothing like me. She always says that don't show how pretty I really am.. Aww isn't she so sweet to think her Mom is pretty. Well for anyone who has followed my blog for awhile knows she always looks so beautiful in her pic's she is so photogenic. And I love to scrapbook her photo's.


Kellie Winnell said...

WOW how lucky is your gorgeous daughter! She looks so excited! And have loved reading about your day and seeing pics of your gorgeous kids and of course you saved the best till last YOU! Big hugs and a Merry Christmas xx

Andrea C said...

Your whole family are gorgeous and especially you if your pics don't do you justice by goodness you must be a little family of models. Hope you have a wonderful new year too x

Renkata said...

wow She look very happy! :)
Wish you all the best and Merry Christmas!

Karina said...

Lucky girl your daughter. And the pics are so nice. I always like to see some photos from time to time on the blogs I follow. You seem to have a wonderful family. And the pic of you is so lovely as well!
Hugs, Karina

Diamond Doll said...

Wow what a lucky girl Destiny is, your christmas pics are fab thanx for sharing them with us.Hope 2011 is a great year for you too.
Trish (-:

Scrapping Julie said...

omg i bet she IS so excited!! congrats Destiny!!! glad you had a great Christmas Angela!

Christine Riley said...

Hi Angela,

I'm so excited for your daughter (and yes, she is SO photogenic, just gorgeous!). Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was wonderful and I have all this coming week off so I can't wait to spend lots of time in the craftroom! :)
Hugs, Christine

gobeagirl said...

Merry Christmas Destiny... What a fun surprise indeed. I can remember being 16 going on 17 (oh wait that comes from the Sound of Music) forget it, I am just old. lol...Watched that movie in the theater when it came out with my Mom and sister. (Old!) heehee Seriously Merry Christmas Angela and family. Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas. My DH says there is nothing wrong with you picture. He was looking over my shoulder and wanted to know who you were. When I explained to him and point to your cards I have on my board her was like. She's pretty why would she think she didn't photograph well? Men! I then explained none of us like our pictures. heehee Merry Christmas. Hugs, Lisa

Anita said...

You and your family are just as gorgeous as your fabulous projects are! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

Lau W said...

You have an happy family, so beautiful ! SUperb shots !