Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Method Hair and Skin Coloring TUTORIAL

How is everyone today?? Well today is Monday Method over at Instyle Stamps and today is my turn to HOST it. And guess what????? Alot of my bloggin friends has been asking me to do a HAIR coloring tutorial...... and not only do I have a hair coloring tutorial for you ... I have also added a skin tutorial!! You have asked and I have finally answered and came through with it!!
So today I have used two images and the first one is this little cutie and her name is Mieko. And this is what the finished projects will look like!!!
Are you ready to get started????

Here is Mieko that I printed out on PTI card stock. Here is the list of colors I will be using for Mieko.... E51,E53,E13,E15, and a little of E17 ( you don't have to use all these colors, it can be done with just 3 colors)
I started with E51, as you can add more darker colors, but you can't make it lighter if you start with the darker color if you add too much of it.
I started with the E51, and make thin stokes not going over where I want the lightest or no color to be added. The key is to make her hair look like strainds of hair!

Here she is after I finished with the E51.

Next I added E53 and did the same thing, just let some of the E51 show through. We will add more E51 later. And here is what she looks like after the E53 was added.

Now I used E13 and added just a little more darker color.

Now where there is no color, use 0 Colorless blender and go over the white area and blend just alittle into the E51(your lightest color).

Here is what she looks like after the colorless blender was used.

Next use E15 and do the same thing.. add more of the E15 to the areas where you want her hair to be the darkest.

Then I went and added just a tad of E17 in the around her ears and neck.
Last step.. Use E51 again and blend the colors together alittle more. So there's not so much white ( still using the same strokes),then go over just the lightest part with the Colorless Blender and blend the E51 in more.

Here is is finished.

Okay so now I am going to show you how I color Skin. Here are the colors I used from darkest to lightest. E11,E01,E00,and E000.

I started with E01 the second to the darkest and colored around the shadow areas.

Now use E00 and color in most of the skin and blend E01 and E00 together. Leave some areas for the lightest part where the sun would be shinning in his face.

Color the white areas left with E000, blending together with E00 you already colored.

Now for the darkest color (E11) that will shape his face and give hime more shadows around his face and hair.

Use E01 and go over the E11 areas and blend them together.

And if you need to blend more or add more color just repeat the same steps. I have go over mine a few times before I get it to my liking. And now Brandon's face is finished.

Next we are going to color Brandon's hair. Here are the colors I used from darkest to lightest.
E79,E77,E74,E71 and Colorless Blender.
I started with E74( the second to the lightest) using the same steps as I did with Mieko.

Then I used E71 next, covering more of the white.

Next I used E77, still the same steps as earlier.

Now for the darkest color E79. I colored where I wanted his hair to be the darkest.

Then I went back and added more E74.

And now for the last step I used E71 and added more color and then used O Colorless Blender and blended the E71 and white together. Then again I used E71 and went back over where I had added the E71 color just to blend it alittle more.
Here is Brandon finished.

Well this was a long tutorial, but so well worth it!! I hope it was for you too!! And thanks for stopping by today and if you have any questions on my tutorial.. Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know!!


kim-paperbabe said...

Fabulous tutorial Angela, I LoVe seeing you work your markers, I use the same colours for my skin but build from E000 up the scale! May have to try your's with shadow to light!!!
Thanks for sharing
HuGs Kim :)

Victoria said...

ow that is fab thank you so much x

sugarplum said...

Fantastic tutorial Angela one of the best Ive seen especially for hair colouring, cant wait to have a go!

Nenane said...

Awesome Tutorial Angela. Great job.

Leanne said...

YAY! Finally! Thanks for a great tutorial. I will try to use your techniques for creating shadows and will definitely practice more hair coloring. Great job Angela! Thanks so much for sharing!

Mimi said...

Great tutorial Angela! Thanks for sharing your techniques. I'll definitely will give it a try. ;)

Geneviève aka Muscade said...

Just Great! I'm not sure if I will be able to make a great job like you, but the tutorial sure is awesome!!!

Thanks Angela!

cafty lil pixie said...

The coloring you have done on the hair is amazing it's so life like, awesome! thanks for sharing, hugs hayley :)

Penny said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial, your colouring is beautiful and i will be popping back to read this tutorial over and over again

Scrappychick said...

Totally awesome Angela!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Thanks for the wonderful step by step tutorial!

gobeagirl said...

WOW Anglea, this is fantastic! I printed it off and put it in my tutorial binder. I think this is one of the best tutorials I have read to date. Thanks so much for taking your time to do it. Thanks for letting me know also. You are just the sweetest! Hugs, Lisa

Debbie Pamment said...

WOW Angela - this is one fantastic tutorial - think I'll have to find time to try it out soon - but don't think I'll be up to your standard without a LOT of practise!!!

Kristy Young said...

Angela, this tutorials are amazing!! AND i just adore your colouring!!!! Will have to give this technique a go.
Kristy xx

Jennibee's Cardspot said...

Thanks so much Angela, great tutorial, wonderful colouring, now for the practicing!!!

KymKreates said...

you are absolutely impeccable when it comes to coloring and I have admired your hair coloring in the past so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this tute! I will refer to it many times!


KarinsArtScrap said...

thank you angela for sharing with use
great too see how you did'it
It looks somethimes soo easy but it's not

greetings from karin

Diana said...

Thank you so much You do such a wonderful Job..Keep them coming haha

Julie said...

Faaaabbbuulous tutorial!! So many great tips and your finished images look awesome!! Thanks so much! Juliexx

Vicki's Blog said...

This is fantastic thanks for sharing with us...
Cheers Vic

Kirsty said...

Awesome tutorial Angela, I love the way you colour hair! thanks for sharing, Kirsty

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Bless you! I am going to try this as my hair coloring stinks! LOL

Michellena317 said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! This is exactly the method of hair coloring I have been looking to learn how to do!

Shannon Erskine aka e3stamper said...

Thanks for the fabulous tutorial Angela!! Will have to try your colors for skin!

Love crafts forever said...

Amazing tutorial Angela. Thank you very much. hugs, Nataliya.

PhotoDivaJ said...

Thanks for the tutorial, this will really help me out!

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