Monday, April 19, 2010

Method Monday with InStyle Stamps


Today is Moday Method with InStyle Stamps. Today I am here to show you step by step how to take an ordinary cheap clock and make it your own. You can make it match any decor or to give as a gift to someone. I decided to make a clock for my son as I have already made one for my daughter and my son ask me everyday to make him one. So I finally got around to finding time to create his. For his clock he wanted me to use Nico and red and black to match his room.

This is the finished project without the glass put back in to show you what we will end up with. Are you ready to get started?
Here are some of the supplies you will need. You will also need some adhesive, whatever you prefer. And a case knife like I used or a flathead screwdriver to take the back off that holds the batteries.

Start by turning the clock upside down and losen the screw that holds the front rim and glass to the clocks body.

Then flip back over and pop off the rim and glass and set aside.

Then take a case knife or a flathead screwdriver and pop of the part that holds the batteries and holds in the cock hands.

After that you can carefully turn it back over and take off the clocks hands. And set them aside in the order you took then off. With this clock I was able to take out the thin piece that has all the numbers on it.

And use it to trace my circle on my background paper. If you are not able to take yours out, you can just use an embossing stylus and lay the paper on top of the clock and push the paper down inside and use the stylus by going around where the intercircle is.

Then just cut out your circle with your scissors. Add your glue where your paper will lay (Note: adhesive tape works better than liquid glue). If you do use glue make sure to to run over the paper to get all the excess glue out and to make sure to get all air bubbles out. So that all the paper will adhere to the clock.

I just used my bone folder for this step.

Before I glued down my image, I colored it and then cut it out.

Then make a hole in the center to attach the hands back.

I used some Sizzix dies to make my numbers but you can use small chipboard numbers or stickers.

Here is the finished product! What do you think? All you have to do now is attached the glass and rim back and tighten back up with the screws up. I tried to take a picture with the glass but it reflected too much light.
Here is a picture of the one I made my daughter. I add some trim and some satin butterflies to hers.


Jen Shults said...

Um you are crazy but this is insanely cool. My daughter would adore that pink one! Fabulous idea hun!! Really WOW!

craftymum said...

Wow Angela. Great tutorial. Guess there will be a lot of "changed" clocks in blogland!!!
I have held off sending you my little gift to you until the planes start flying again from England. The post will only get stockpiled and probably get lost!!!. The recent news here says that flights may resume tomorrow or Wednesday
Love Sarah XXX

Diamond Doll said...

These are just Fabulous Angela,Thanx for sharing them with us.
Trish (-:

Angelwood said...

What a fantastic and fun project! I love the way your clocks came out. Thanks for the tutorial, Angela! hugs, Angela :o)

Christine Riley said...

Wow, what an awesome project! I love the way these turned out. thanks so much for the tutorial!
Hugs, Christine

GobeaGirl said...

Angela, this is adorable! I love it. Sorry I haven't been about lately, but my little girl has been sick. We spent most of Saturday night and Sunday morning in the ER with her. They think she has a viral infection around her heart. She seems ok, but she has to stay in bed and get rest for the week. However these are just fantastic. Have a great week. Lisa

Gina said...

Great clocks!

Leanne said...

Wow Angela! Those are amazing! It's always awesome to personalize something like that. Great idea and project!

Love crafts forever said...

How cute is this. I love pink colour, and butterflys is my favorite,you can see this on my blog, if you like. Good job. Hugs . Nataliya.

Lau W said...

What a superb creation ! in pink, i love it !

Sande said...

The clocks are super. I've done a few myself..manly rock bands, as my house is all music and everybody that comes over loves them.

A fun quick project with great end results.

natalie said...

oh wow! You are very creative! Thanks for the tutorial! =)